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Commissioned work

transitions festival

Web design

As part of our work for the »TRANSITIONS. Festival of Contemporary Jewish Arts«, İpek Erdöl and I designed a website based on the visual identity we created. The website highlights the concept of fragment elements that we used to visually translate the festival's theme of "Transitions", which the curators describe as "the liminal space, a 'betwixt and between' state, where the usual order of things is disrupted and new potentials and limits can be challenged and explored". Taking advantage of the digital medium, we transformed the static images into a scroll-based animation to add depth and movement to the shapes that de- and reassemble endlessly.

The three-day festival presented a diversity of contemporary artistic perspectives and practices that navigate the space between protest and resistance, solidarity and reinvention. It invited artists and the public to celebrate the Art of Resistance and to a pan-European, trans-Atlantic exchange to explore new social conditions and visions.